1. Waboba Khuna Ball bounces on water ball beach toy
  2. Waboba Khuna Ball bounces on water ball

Waboba Khuna Ball


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Team Crab love being on the beach and there is no better place to be than in the water messing around playing catch.  The Waboba Big Khuna ball is a must for the beach - especially ideal for younger children being its just that bit bigger than the other Waboba water balls.  An great ball for Piggy in the Middle.  And yes Folks - it really does bounce on water!

• The most versatile Waboba ball.

• Easy to catch

• Take it anywhere! Perfect for all water environments.

• Designed to bounce on water only.

Size: 90mm

Please note these balls come in array of colours but we cannot guarantee any particular colourway.

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