Colin the Crab

Ahoy there crab fans! My name’s Colin and I’m a crab. Lol! Pretty obvious really as I’m orange, Ive got claws and I look like a crab. Unless I was a crab-shaped carrot but that would be silly. A talking carrot?

Most of the time I can be found chilling in my rock pool or having a bit of fun with my mates. I do like to travel though and in summer I crawl about 300 yards to spend the holidays with my cousins who live in the harbour - it’s great as we spend most of the time playing the crabbing game - I do love a bit of bacon, you know.

The Gone Crabbing team really love me - don’t tell them, but they spoil me rotten so I don’t mind appearing on a few of their products - after all, they do seem to love the beach just as much as I do.

I’d better be off now - catch you later. You can find out more about me in my memoir - Colin The Crab - out now at all good Gone Crabbing stores.

Gone Crabbing's Colin the Crab character

Sally the Starfish

Hello everyone - I’m Sally #waves. I’ve been mates with Colin for such a long time, I’ve forgotten when I actually met him. It took nearly a day to shake hands.

I think my Mum knew his Mum although she found her a bit snappy. Anyway we share the same rock pool and it’s just so lovely there - especially in the summer when the water warms up and I can sunbathe on the rock. Its quite a busy place - we have lots of visitors - there’s Mike the Mussel, Shawn the Prawn and Neal the Seal who pops in at high tide. It would be nice if there were a few more girls though.

Anyway, everyone at Gone Crabbing is jolly sweet to me. I’ve been on a t-shirt or two, I don’t mind admitting, and my mug is on one of their mugs - all yellow and pink and girly. Would look rather nice on your kitchen table...

Gone Crabbing's Sally the Starfish character

Mike the Mussel

Watcha. I’m Mike, Mike the Mussel. I’m quite a cool guy, pretty tough and with a lot of mussel. Although under that tough exterior, I’m a bit of a softie. I’m trying to get Colin to act a bit cooler but he doesn’t like coming out of his shell. I hang around at the rock pools sometimes - the vibe is good there and it’s a great place to meet other people.

Shawn the Prawn is a good guy and Steve the Seagull drops by with the odd chip from time to time. Anyway got go… I’ve got a date. I think I’ve pulled a mussel.

Gone Crabbing's Mike the Mussel character

Steve the Seagull

Hey, they’ve given me a spot! I’m so happy! I’m Steve, the unpopular seagull. Everyone thinks I’m crafty and that I might peck them but I’m just curious and hungry. I like anything you’ve got spare - sandwiches, chips, ice cream, pasties.

Whatever you’ve got, I don’t mind. I’ll clear it up for you. Not so keen on salad though.

I met Colin down at the quay last year, we ended up having a few drinks together. He’s great - he likes bacon, I like bacon. In fact we both like to pig out on it. Lol.

I prefer mine cooked but I will eat it raw if you haven’t got time for a fry up. Umm... What’s that smell.. Gotta fly, something’s cooking...

Gone Crabbing's Steve the Seagull character

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